1. Airiel
    Chicago, Illinois
  2. Close Lobsters
    Scotland, UK
  3. Mumrunner
    Tampere, Finland
  4. The Fireworks
    London, UK
  5. The Holiday Crowd
    Toronto, Ontario
  6. Ice Choir
    Brooklyn, New York
  7. Life on Venus
    Moscow, Russia
  8. The Proctors
    West Midlands, UK
  9. Outerhope
    Manila, Philippines
  10. Star Tropics
    Chicago, Illinois
  11. Even As We Speak
    Sydney, Australia
  12. Jetstream Pony
    Brighton, UK
  13. NAH...
    Münster, Germany
  14. Corasandel
    Lincoln, UK
  15. Lavender Blush
    San Francisco, California


shelflife records Portland, Oregon

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